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Our President, Valerie T. White

Welcome from our president

A very special welcome on behalf of the Board of Directors of IVY CROWN COMMUNITY SERVICES, A NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION specifically designed to enhance the service platform of Delta Lambda Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.  We celebrate 10 years of amazing accomplishments this year as we look forward to the great possibilities

ahead of us.  


Membership in Delta Lambda Omega Chapter opens the opportunity for you to become an active member of the Ivy Crown Community Services organization.  Our focus is on raising funds to support services to improve outcomes for families in our community.  We invite you to join us for our events and service opportunities throughout the year.  We are in need of your support as we grow to our full capabilities. 

The teeming power of our fundraising prowess stands as a testimony to our strong commitment to exhibiting Service to all mankind. We bring dynamic Energy, Opportunity, and Impact as we connect through our partnership with DLO.  We look forward to sharing how you can join in these efforts. 


 We pledge to focus our resources on the many chances we have to make a difference and to make a lasting impact in our immediate circle, our greater community and the World.  
Ivy Crown Community Services is indeed special.  There are connections and friendships to be made, personal and professional experiences that allow us to grow, and opportunities to support many altruistic endeavors. Most of all, we exist to bring hope and inspiration to those who need it the most.  We sincerely hope that you’ll experience the Joy of Service and the many other benefits of this great Connection.  



We are Ivy Crown Community Services …Welcome to this great chance to join us in changing the world for better!




Valerie Thomas-White


Valerie Thomas-White, Board President

Ivy Crown Community Services





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